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Message: “A New Year Without Fear” from Stephen Brown

A message from the series “Peace in Midst of a Pandemic.” New year new me! At least that’s how the saying goes at least.

Many times we are caught up with our fear. We are bogged down at the thought of failure, disappointment, sickness, and even death. Fear varies per person and whoever you are and whatever you fear, trust that the Lord is near.

Message: “Protection Under His Shadow” from Stephen Brown

A message from the series “Peace in Midst of a Pandemic.” Amidst this time of chaos in our world, we oftentimes find ourselves feeling alone or living uneasily.

We may not always know how to handle hardships that come our way, and we may temporarily give into fear. But through it all, we have a powerful and loving Father who is in control of everything.
The things of this world are temporary and our fears are temporary, but God’s love is eternal. Trust in God’s deliverance! He is our unshakeable fortress, and our refuge and strength!

Message: “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” from Stephen Brown

A message from the series “Peace in Midst of a Pandemic.” Why would a loving and merciful God allow suffering? Ever experience those times where life begins to fall apart and we begin to question God and his sovereignty- If he really does love us?
One of the biggest battles in Christianity is putting our faith in God. That through the trials and tribulations he STILL loves us. Even when we can’t see it he still loves us. So why then would he allow us to suffer?

Message: “Anchoring Your Purpose in God” from Henrik Molintas

A message from the series “Fasting.” What is Fasting?
While fasting is oftentimes understood as simply giving up food and water for a couple of days or hours, that’s not really the true purpose of it. Giving up food and water may be a part of fasting, but more importantly, it is giving up something you believe you cannot live without so that you are able to highlight personal griefs as well as your desire for God’s insight in your life.
Matthew 6:16​-18 says that fasting should not be an act of bribery, but an act of humility. Fasting is to be done for a God-centered biblical purpose otherwise it becomes a miserable and difficult chore rather than a blessing. The goal of fasting is not to feel hungry, but to feel and realize the greater presence of God. Ultimately, it should reveal to us who we are at a deeper level, so we can have the opportunity to allow Jesus to deal with our problems.
Fasting also connects greatly to prayer because it enables us to pray in faith. As Christians, our sense of peace of hope does not come from ourselves or from the world, but through God alone!
We encourage you to join us this week for ANCHORED: A Prayer and Fasting week! We will be praying and fasting as a community.

Message: “Waiting on the Lord” from Stephen Brown

A message from the series “Fruits of the Spirit.” “Patience is a virtue” is a well-known saying that you probably have heard before or even have used yourself, but is it really something that you apply to your everyday life?
For many of us, when we want something, we want it now. While having our desires quickly met does not necessarily seem like a bad thing, it actually distracts us from longer-term and more meaningful goals.
The world will never satisfy us, so why then do we let the world have control over us? Desire something greater and eternal by seeking Christ and allowing Him into your life. It is through Him, you will experience the fullness of joy!

Message: “The Introduction” from Stephen Brown

A message from the series “The Kingdom Manifesto.” “An eternal home and a perfect environment for everlasting life, love, and joy.” Sounds like paradise right?
That perfect and beautiful paradise is actually described in the Bible as the Kingdom of Heaven, but how can we exactly get into the kingdom of Heaven?
According to the Word of God, you can be a part of His kingdom once you come to Christ and repent. As Christians, we are called to live differently and shine God’s light in this broken and dark world.

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