Message: “Forgive Us Our Sins” from Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown - May 23, 2021

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Ever since we were young, we’ve heard the saying “forgive and forget”, but why would I forgive someone who deeply hurt me? Even more so, how can I possibly forget what they did? It is impossible to forget intense pain. And you may never forget, but you always have the option to forgive. Because when you harbor bitterness, you become a prisoner to hate, to anger, and to sin. It does not mean that what the person did to you was right, but that exposes the sinful nature of mankind, and that is exactly why Jesus came. In this broken world, every person is in desperate need of a savior. God is the Prince of Peace and He extended grace to us through Christ, who suffered on the cross to atone for our wicked hearts so that we may experience an eternal joy in Heaven. Seeking peace with others brings glory to God.

Scripture References: Matthew 5:9

From Series: "The Kingdom Manifesto"

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