Message: “Serving God in the Furnace” from Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown - June 20, 2021

The Supremacy of Scripture

There is nothing more physically important to a Christian believer than the bible that guides their path. A manuscript that has instructions, directions, fulfilled prophecies, stories, revelations, and so much more jam packed into a book. Among these many anecdotes throughout the bible, one certain aspect must be highlighted: "The Law". Anyone born into the world is to be under this Law, the moral law; The Ten Commandments. Its was beyond impossible for anyone to present themselves as a clean offering before God. No human was more righteous, more holy, more perfect than one another. Our good deeds were seen as dirty rags before our king. This brings in the necessity of Jesus. The man that did not abolish the sacred law, but who fulfilled it in our place. The one who has granted us the opportunity of living in the Holy presence with our divine King for all of eternity. Pastor Brown will continue the beatitudes with this weeks lesson on The Supremacy of Scripture! This Weeks Passage: Matthew 5:17-20

Scripture References: Matthew 5:17-20

From Series: "The Kingdom Manifesto"

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