Message: “Serving God in the Furnace” from Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown - June 6, 2021

You are the Salt of the Earth

Why does Christ instruct us to be “salty”? In Matthew 5:13, Jesus tells his disciples that they are the “salt of the Earth”. Salt is a valuable commodity used to prevent foods from spoiling and to also bring flavor to food. As salt preserves foods from rotting, believers in Jesus are called to help preserve humanity from falling into godlessness, immorality, and war. Salt permanently changes the flavor of food, just as the influence of godly people can change a culture. Christians serve a godly purpose in the world by living like Jesus. The Beatitudes that precedes Matthew 5:13 is important to reference as it characterizes what the life of a faithful follower of Christ should look like.

Scripture References: Matthew 5:13

From Series: "The Kingdom Manifesto"

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