Message: “Where is the King?” from Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown - March 28, 2021

The Crucifixion

As we are approaching Easter Sunday, we will be getting into the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Ever since the fall of man, we are sinners by nature. The sin that we have inherited separates us from God and has paved a way to eternal damnation. A punishment involving the separation between us and God. Although people can do good things, they are not inherently good in nature. We are still filled with sin. We will never be able to do enough good to atone for our sins, nor can we stop sinning simply by our own willpower. We can never reach Gods standards nor his good side. We deserve only the wrath and righteous justice that God gives. Through our works alone, we can never reach heaven... However, there is hope! The Crucifixion is important in understanding the hope found in Jesus. A hope that though we were sinners, Jesus left his kingdom to serve at the feet of man, only to be beaten, mocked, and hung for the same people receiving his mercy and grace. The sole being who was pure in nature, experienced the full wrath of God on our behalf for His own eternal glory, and so that we may also experience his presence for all of eternity. We invite you to join us this Sunday as Pastor Brown expounds on the importance of the crucifixion!

Scripture References: Matthew 27:32-54

From Series: "Journey to the Cross"

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