Welcome to the fellowship of seekers of God and His will!

We are a people on a journey. We have discovered God's purpose for our lives, and we'd like to share it with you and the rest of mankind.

Thanks for visiting with us today! You have blessed our lives. We hope God has used us to bless you too.

To see God's divine purpose fulfilled in your life and home is our deepest desire and joy. That's why we give our best in designing ministries that reflect Him and His love in the best possible way.

The activities that we do at Crossroads Community Bible Church are but a glimpse of our group life. The real essence of our life together is felt when we discuss, sing, cry, laugh, play, give, correct each other, or do individual roles as members of God's family.

Please feel free to call or approach any of us if we could be of any help.

Your fellow traveler,
Jeff Lovin - Interim Pastor